In a Tech Era

I have wanted to write this post for a while now. Why? Because, as we are surrounded by so much advanced technology nowadays, we tend to become more “Robots” than “Humans” and I think we all know the reasons to that.

It intrigues me because we get caught up in our work and social media lives that we tend to forget how to enjoy simple things that we encounter on our day to day routines.

How many people have you seen while they are at a restaurant and even though they are with a group of people at the table, they are all on their phones?Many…We are all soooooo sucked into our phone displays (who did what, who posted what…whatever, you name it!) that having a face to face conversation is not as appealing anymore.

How sad is that?! Have we all forgotten to enjoy the company of people around us and face to face conversations???Have we all forgotten to enjoy non-tech things? Such as; nature, smiling at a stranger, reading a book.. (no, not the digital ones) and even looking up to the sky to admire its beauty???

Why is that though? Why do we allow ourselves to get trapped in this? 

Life passes by so quick that you get to ask yourself; “IS IT WORTH IT?” All the stress, sleepless nights, less and less time to spend it with our loved ones?I don’t think so!! 

Have you ever been in a situation that all you wanted was to have the time to enjoy a bit of PEACE and JOY? Well…now it’s your chance!

Get UP (YES, you read it right), get up, get your attention away from any tech (phones, pc’s, iPad’s etc.), stretch (hmm, that shall feel good), get yourself outside and take a deeeeeeeeeep breath.

DON’T FORGET to look around you and ADMIRE the beauty of the SUN, SKY, TREES (whatever you want) and now give a big and simple ‘THANK YOU’ to the Universe, God (whatever you believe in).

OHHH, and please remember to SMILE!!!:)
With Love,


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