The Reason to Love

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why am I here?”;”What’s my mission on Earth?”; “Why was I created?” or anything like that?

I surely did, as I have never been the kind of person to take in what’s given to me without asking WHY? HOW? And understand its underlying reasons.

I came up to the conclusion that our mission is to simply LOVE, to LOVE unconditionally. No matter what religion, race, age, height, weight you have, we are here to give and receive LOVE with all of our heart. But we should learn to LOVE OURSELVES FIRST!!!

Did you know that LOVE has the highest vibrational frequency? Yup, that’s right! And as we grow our vibrational frequency by loving, being happy etc. we become more powerful and can manifest things into our material world much easier and much faster!

However, fear, anger, frustration and any other similar feelings have the lowest vibrational frequency  and as we lower it we tend to get more frustrated and depressed because the life we envision for ourselves does not match our reality!

The problem is that we have been educated that showing vulnerability is a sign of weakness, that Men shall not show their feelings because hey, it’s not a man kinda thing. Women, on the other hand have been so hurt in our previous relationships that we have put a lock on our hearts to stop it from loving deeply again(or being fooled as others might say)

This is a result of giving our love to the wrong people. And that’s OK, we all go through that and even if we might not see it at the time, it’s actually a great opportunity to learn the lesson you needed and move on to a brighter future! 😉

However, what’s not OK is blocking ourselves or missing the chances on loving deeply and passionately anything we do in life. Trust me! I’ve been through it all and it’s OK, you hurt, you heal and you have to get back to ‘wearing your heart on your sleeves’ as they say. (Not in an abusive way, or in any way that would make you feel bad, but in a way that you can feel the greatest happiness)

So, what if we changed our perception regarding ‘LOVE‘? So that we can be able to look forward towards our future with our arms wide open to receiving endless love, opportunities and blessings!

The best example I could think of, so that it explains why we should live our lives to the fullest is:

If you were a butterfly for a day, wouldn’t you want to experience everything to full intensity? (Like for example, flying from flower to flower or bringing a bit of joy to the nature)… I would!

That is why it’s OK for us to be vulnerable, it’s OK for us to be open to receiving and giving love without having any expectations in return. Because by doing so, you will be amazed of how beautiful your life will feel when everything you do you, you do it from the heart- with Love of all things!

So, the next time you want to block your feelings because of “implanted false perceptions” by society or maybe past hurtful experiences, Remember; it’s actually the most SACRED and the most BEAUTIFUL thing in the world! For us to be able to give and receive LOVE❤️

With Love,



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