My Routine to a Healthy Glossy Hair

I have been blonde for a while now and as most of you know dyeing your hair every month can be pretty damaging. I guess as most of us ladies I tend to style my hair very often and unfortunately this can add to the damage caused by the coloring process I get every month.

If you know me, you know my hair is pretty smooth and shiny and I like it that way! Just like all other healthy looking hair types.

In order to bring my hair back to Life I used the products below and I can’t brag about it enough on how healthy and tangle-free my hair is as a result of using them religiously. Another important step that I almost forgot to mention is that I wash my hair twice a week because the oil produced by your scalp is very important to getting a strong and healthy hair.

So without further due, the products I am so in love with are:

  1. Luiza Essence ‘Repair’ Shampoo + Luiz Essence ‘Just Blond'(this helps to tone down the blonde and prevent it from becoming orange)


2. This makes miracles on my hair❤️ Luiza Essence Repair Mask  (I usually like to leave it in for about 5 minutes before I rinse it)


3.Luiza Essence ‘Repair’ serum. ( I apply it on to damp hair before styling it and sometimes apply a little bit more after just on the ends)



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