Top 5 nail polishes for this Summer

As summer is here for the most of us, I decided to share with you my all time favorite nail polishes. I always tend to wear these during summer and after years and years I still can’t let go of them.

  1. ORLY- Passion Fruit..OMG all the girls in my family have an obsession with this one. I love its vibrant color that looks great with a tanned skin;)


 2. ORLY- Orange Punch. This is a neon like colour. If you do not know it you have to check it out! ASAP!


3. ORLY- White Out. I wear it every season. It looks great on both light and tanned skin. Can you see how good it looks on CIARA? I love it!


4. ORLY- Frisky. This is an aqua blue vibrant color. I usually wear this only when I am very tanned as I love how it stands out on my nails. I think this color is actually very cute:P0855611c044c620775781769615da3f4.jpg










5. Last but not least ‘OPI-Blue it out’ it’s a vibrant dark blue.



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