My Morning Coffee 

I’m of the opinion that ‘how you start your day’ is very important and this is why while enjoying my coffee in the morning I tend to meditate upon the day ahead. This helps me start my day with a positive attitude and a clear vision on how I like my day to look like.

So, if the weather is sunny and warm though recently I have realized enjoying my coffee on the balcony became a habit and despite the weather conditions I will spend at least 30 minutes enjoying the stillness.

I usually try not to think about work while I’m in my peaceful, meditative mode, but think about the things I am grateful for! I realized that this has a major effect on my day and my life as since I started this ‘morning routine’ I am so much more positive, creative and passionate about life.

I literally would advise anyone to try incorporating it in their ‘morning routines’. Of course, this does not mean doing exactly what I do but to try spending a few minutes each day in a quiet place in order to help quiet your mind for a bit so that you allow yourself to get in tune with your Feelings, Goals and Soul!

And why not try doing some daily affirmations to help you on your path to getting where/ what you want?

I prefer doing love affirmations as I believe that as long as you do it with LOVE anything is attainable!:)

                                                                                                 With Love,




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