Celebs that Slay Blonde Hair

Throughout the years, blonde hair color trends has gone through various stages from ‘Platinum blonde’ to ‘Honey blonde’ while ‘blonde highlights’ were always on trend.

However, Blonde hair is now used to create more natural looking looks and fortunately ‘the bleached platinum’ fake looking trend is gone! And.. Yes, I have been one of those girls that had been going through this blonde transition process too.. Embarrassing I know:))

Anyways, lets get our attention back to the Celebs that SLAY their Blonde Hair!

Below I made a list of some Celebs that I personally Love, Love, Love because of how feminine and natural they wear their BLONDE Hair!

  1. My all time favorite is Charlize Theron. She rocks both long and short hair looks. charlize_theron.jpgcharlize-theron-net-worth2.jpg2. Gwyneth Paltrow is just another stunning woman that Blonde hair looks great on!gwyneth paltrow.jpg3. I can’t get enough of her simplistic beauty. Rosie Huntington wears lovely, natural looking highlights that compliment her face and eyes.

rosie huntington.jpg

4.Whenever Gwen Stefani comes up I immediately think of her Rocking the beautiful Platinum blonde hair with pale face and red lips, just like in the picture below.


5. Last but not least is the alluring Cameron Diaz! She ROCKS this look. I think blonde highlights are such an easy and simple ‘accessory’ that can have such a great impact on your looks.cameron diaz.jpg

Which one is your favorite?! 


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