‘Zen’ in 10 minutes

10 ways to help you restore your peace of mind!

  1. Let go of the past! Keep the lessons and move on. As living in the past will only hold you back. However, keep in mind to express your feelings freely! This way you honor your feelings.
  2. Try taking breaks between activities that you are planning to undertake. This helps you detach before moving on to the next activity, and give your full focus and energy on to the activity you are working.
  3. Live in the Present, my dear! After you have planned your daily activities, make sure you become present in the moment.
  4. Every morning, try thinking of what is the most important thing for you: Your LIFE objective!
  5. Always, reserve time for yourself every single day. Be it 10 minutes, spent alone while drinking your coffee or while you read your favorite book. This helps you recharge your batteries and reconnect with your higher self.
  6. Stop blaming yourself! Stop feeling guilty, for the goals you have not yet achieved. Because you surely have pushed your limits! And for that, my dear, you should be very Proud of Yourself!!!
  7. If you have the feeling of being stuck, or you are wasting your time, take a moment and ask yourself one question: “What are the fundamental things in my life that I am not taking care of?”
  8. If you have sleeping problems or Insomnia. This usually is because of having too much on your mind. A simple tip that can help you with that is: Try carrying a notebook with you everywhere you go and in the form of ‘ next day objectives’ write down the things that are on your mind.
  9. Compliment yourself every morning! Why?:))) I would say ‘why not?’ as Loving yourself first is the most important thing you can do to live a more peaceful life!
  10. FOLLOW YOUR HEART/ YOUR DREAMS!!! Bare in mind that the path is more important than the goal itself. So, make it as enjoyable as possible:)

                                             With Love,



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