Law of Attraction

As we are approaching 2017 with rapid steps, I thought that this post will be handy to many of you❣️
I strongly believe that it’s the time to become the conscious masters, creators of our lives. 2017 is the year that we have to let go of anything that no longer serves us and move on, grow, improve our abilities, skills, be it spiritual, professional or in general. 
There is soooo much information on Law of Attraction and yet we still complain that life is not how we have imagined it,( which is exactly how you have created it, but most probably you did this without being aware). 

Everyday I am growing and improving my knowledge on Law ofAttraction consciously or unconsciously, but now I am more aware than unaware. If that makes sense❣️Law of Attraction is simple, visualise, trust and act as you already have what you want to manifest!

However, the tricky part is your ‘unconscious’ mind! As that will still send signs in to the Universe and if you are ‘doubting, fearing, worrying’, if or when the situation will materialise then my dear, you are sending not so positive vibes to the Universe and that may result in not having the desired outcome you tried manifesting. 

Therefore whenever you send your request to the Universe, Trust, Remain positive and keep doing your affirmations, visualisations and act towards your goals as there is no Chance for Failure, because there isn’t, Universe doesn’t make mistakes, it just obeys our Energies, Actions and thoughts❣️Remember that❣️

* What if You fear or worry and send that into the universe? Try to replace that with a positive, grateful behaviour, thought and vibe. 

* Write what you want down, take the time to dream about it, feel it and then my dear, the Biggest step forward is to~Trust, Trust, Trust❣️ 

* Believe you can have it, Believe you deserve it and Believe it’s possible for you❣️

* I will tell you my recent experience on using Law of Attraction. ( yes, now as I am writing this I’m on the plane) but that’s not the point, the point is to show you how easily you can manifest❣️

* So, I got at the check in area and I have to admit that I got a large hand luggage which I wasn’t allowed to, if you looked at my flight info. So, as I was waiting I visualised that all will work out well and I will have no issues with getting my ‘large’ hand luggable with me on the plane without any extra fees. And guess what~ at the check in stand the person actually was very nice and made it as he didn’t see my luggage and even told me (we didn’t see that okay?) and while I was on my way to enter the plane, I started panicking a bit not because it was an issue to pay but I didn’t want to face all the fuss about it. So, for my surprise the person was there again, and there were two tills but you know, Universe worked its magic and tadaaaaaa, I ended up at the same person’s till and he let me go through without saying anything but just smiling and making signs to move on:) 

* I hope my little, long story has helped you realise that you can use The Law of Attraction for basically everything and as long as you Trust it, it can manifest in miraculous time and ways. 

So, are you taking this step in 2017, of becoming the Creator of your own Life? Are you willing to experience this amazing feeling of having Universe, God and the Angels as your partners to create anything you want? 

If, Yes, wait no more and start taking action and use the Law of Attraction in your daily lives❣️
                                                         With Love,

                                                                     H 💕


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