5 Shortcuts to Happiness! 

I know many of us experience stress, anxiety on a daily basis. However, this is the time to take charge of your life and Take Steps towards Your Happiness❣️

Here are some simple steps you can take, these have definitely worked for me and Have Changed my Life Completely❣️

1. Release the past, you can do this by acknowledging and realising that the situations you have been through, people that didn’t treat you the way you deserve was all part of your Life journey, was all for a greater purpose. The purpose was for you to grow spiritually and get rid of the karma you had.

2. Realise that the main lessons you had to learn were already set out and agreed before you coming in the Physical plane as a “human”! So, realise that everyone and everything played a very important role in your life! Yes, I know that some situations might have been really tough but guess what? You can and have overcome them all.

Identify what did all these experiences teach you? * what you don’t want? * strength, patience, assertiveness?

This step is very important! Wright it down, acknowledge the lessons you learned, how you have you grown and what part of you needs healing?

3. Healing is a major part towards becoming happier and finding inner piece! What do I mean by healing? NO, not the medical healing, here I am referring to emotional healing. I can’t stress it out enough, how important it is to heal these wounds you have, we all have! When you start acknowledging what concepts and perspectives you have that no longer serve you on your higher purpose, towards the life you want to live, you are starting the process of healing. How beautiful can that be?:)

4. Now, the next step that we need to take after we started the healing process and identified what negative perceptions we must let go of is to train our mind and shower it with positive perceptions, thoughts, affirmations and actions!

Some examples would be: instead of believing you don’t have enough money, finances, start saying affirmations such as; more and more money is coming into my life everyday or My income is constantly increasing. Feel Abundant, start Trusting and have Faith because as soon as you upgrade your energy level, Universe will provide you with so much more Abundance and whatever you want and need!

Beautiful soul, don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results right away, but have faith and in No time you will experience soo many blessings everyday! I promise you that!

5. Start your day by Thanking the Universe, God and the Angels! A BIG THANK YOU!!! Put a smile on your face, open your arms wide open and say it loudly I am Now Open to the Good that Universe, God and the Angels are blessing me with daily, every second of my life🙏🏼😊

                                                 With Love,



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