This Week’s Highlights

So, I received an email last week from Reid Tracy,  as I am subscribed to Hayhouse. If you don’t know who they are you better check them out;) They have great articles, books etc. on mindfulness and many other interesting topics. Here is the challenge Reid gave us in the email he sent : My challenge to all of you is to try and write a weekly newsletter to yourself, or your Facebook friends, for the next 4 weeks. Here’s how it works: You have to have your writing done each Sunday, no exceptions. 

I am not even sure what I am going to write about. One thing I know for sure is that I am just gonna go with the flow… I guess an interesting question to myself would be – What Life lesson have I learned this week?…

Hmmm… One I have definitely learned was to let go of control issues, to stop trying to control everything in my life as this is only going to lead me to a place full of Resentment, Stress, Anger, Anxiety and insomniaaa. As I am an Aries, I like to blame it on my fiery sign, the Patience and ‘just go with the flow’ phrases issues I had in the past. (yes, I use in the ‘past’ because well… I firmly and clearly affirm that I learned to Go with the Flow)

I literally, didn’t know what Patience was, what taking a moment to think before you speak meant(the truth is that sometimes the way I expressed myself might have been perceived a bit too blunt or even rude by others) not that I said anything wrong, at least not in my opinion, LOL, but because I was too sincere, so I had to take the time to learn and express myself in more polite ways.

So that was one of my major lessons I had to learn and still working on perfecting ‘this skill’. Its not that I don’ t Love being sincere and blunt but I had to learn to accept that some people are not ready for what I want to tell them (in my sincere, right to the point manner:))..)

I had to learn to be ‘softer’ when expressing myself to certain people. However, long story short, now, before I speak I will firstly decide if it’s even worth my time to say what I think, as certain people no matter what you say they will still only keep their own way of thinking, and frankly speaking, after 23 years of age I finally realised that no matter what you say to these kind of people, nothing will make them change their minds. (No offence, but I think that we all should be open to new information and then take in and anaylse what we think is valuable for us)

That’s why, in those kind of situations I learned to have patience and either try to express myself in a kinder manner so that they can understand my point of view or I will just go with the flow and say nothing…

This week,however,  I had to learn that whenever I feel stressed, ungrounded,overwhelmed, I need to take the time to ground myself and recharge my batteries. Because no matter what happens around us, we always have a Peaceful, Loving, Happy sanctuary within OURSELVES!…. ‘But I don’t have the time’, you may bullshit yourself… beautiful, you always have the time, it’s all about how you Priorities it though!

Wake up earlier, work on yourself, on Loving and making yourself Happy! Exercise, listen to music, dance, read, spend time in nature, these are only a few things you can do to improve your state of mind! From experience, this and MIRROR WORK(check Louise Hays’ ‘Mirror work’, book in case you don’t know what that entails) have changed my LIFEE!! The way I interact with others, the way I see and perceive myself, the way I love and enjoy every moment of my life!❤️

This week, I have definitely needed to remind myself that, how important it is to Love myself, to accept myself and no matter what happens, to be kind and patient with myself!

Beautiful souls, you can’t even imagine how important our state of mind is! So why let stress, anger, lower vibrational feelings, take charge of your Life?!!  Need not I remind you that YOU ARE THE MASTER OF YOUR OWN LIFE! CHANGE YOUR STATE OF MIND AND I PROMISE YOU, YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE IN THE MOST BEAUTIFUL UNEXPECTED WAYS.

As long as I TRUST UNIVERSE, GOD, etc that only good things are happening and going to happen to me, why would I want to control everything in my life?… Yes, somethings need you to take charge of the situation, however, there is always some details, events we can’t control! So, let that in God, Universe’s hands, have faith that everything that is meant for you is already there and is on its way to you!

Don’t despair, just Smile, Love, Be Love and Trust the Process!

If you made it till here, thank you for sticking up for soo long.  Remember, this is my personal experience so take what reasonates with you and leave  the rest. 

    With Love, 



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  1. Cindy faz says:

    Love what you wrote going to help me to try to do the same .💖💖💖💖💖

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