Turning 24 years old, Happy, Sad , Excited? 

So tomorrow I’m turning 24 years old. Young , old? Thoughts?

Let me start by saying that this time last year, I was this anxious, recently graduated chick that had no idea what the future looked like, but was definitely scared that she is getting old and that life will just pass her by… how wrong was I?

Today, after a year full of unexpected turns in my life, spiritually, career wise and every day to day life. Its safe to say that its the best thing that has ever happened to me.

All the closed doors, all the times I felt like life couldn’t get worse or better, today I realise that Life takes you where You have to BE!

“No mistakes, no misunderstandings, no errors!”

All those experiences helped me become this young lady, full of Ambition, Courage and Kindness, which I am so Proud of!

I have grown and changed on so many levels, which I haven’t noticed till the moment I started writing this post.  I haven’t acknowledged, nor have I appreciated it. As I am getting late to uni(yes, I am a law student), because of the transportion issues (trains were late), instead of staying angry, I felt a  push (instinctively) to think and write about my thoughts on turning 24❣️

What comes to my mind at this moment is an interview where Oprah was saying that there are no wrong paths. You can’t do anything wrong to get off the Path you need to be, as all that you perceive you did wrong, right, it all eventually took you on the exact path you needed to be!

Ohhh, and how true that is! This time last year, never have I thought that I will be where I am today. Starting a law degree, ( I have always dreamt of becoming a lawyer, but as I finished my first degree, I thought I am done with being a student) making new friends, some becoming my best friends for life (cause I LOVE the fact that I can finally be myself, the real me, no limits no boarders, the bold, strongminded lady I really am). I haven’t expected to enjoy as much as I do being surrounded by likeminded people.

So going into the age of 24 years old, I am definitely happy where I am in life, a bit nostalgic thats true, when thinking of getting a bit older but nevertheless I am excited to apply all the lessons, skills I learned and can’t wait to experience new, interesting, loving experiences 😊

🌸So new age, new Me??? Neahhh. I prefer believeing, new age, smarter, bolder, stronger Me, Yes!

🌸Do you feel this way when getting older? Yes, No?

🌸How do you feel when your birthday is rapidly approaching?

Remember, age is just a number its how you feel that matters❣️😉

            Here are a few pictures from Paris

With Love, 


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