Nonverbal clues to Resistance

If you think of the hardest thing you can do and how much you can resist it than you are looking at the greatest lesson at the moment.

When we have a pattern that is deeply buried within us, we must become aware of it in order to start the healing process and then be able to change it. 

Surrendering , giving up the resistance and allowing yourself to learn ‘your lesson’, will make the next step even easier.

There are 2 steps to deal with it;

  • Facing the resistance
  • Taking action and making the mental changes.

Here are some examples on how to identify ‘resistance’ in our actions.

Our actions show our resistance to change: 

  • Changing the subject
  • Flipping through a magazine
  • Being Late
  • Getting sick
  • Procrastinating – either by doing something else or by wasting time
  • Leaving the room
  • Refusing to pay attention
  • Looking away or out the window

Remember, Awareness is the first step in Healing and Changing! 

 I would love to know how ‘You’ are dealing with resistance. So feel free to comment below.

This is the first part of  the series that I am going to write on ‘Identifying Resistance and how to deal with it’  in order to change old patterns. 

With Love,



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