Stop chasing after people as it comes from a place of lack.

So you are single, no? Most of you are reading this post because you are!

So you may be wondering, why am I single if all I want is to be in a relationship with someone?… If I did the ‘healing’ work, let go of the past, have discovered myself then I simply don’t understand why the ‘one’ hasn’t show up in my life yet❣️

What am I doing wrong?

Well, can you see? Right there? Did you identify a certain pattern? A pattern of Lack maybe?

From my own experience, I can tell you one thing that has and is working from getting myself out from a place of lack to a place of Joy and fulfillment and the trick is that: I enjoy my life,  I smile at every little thing, I know I am enough and I know I deserve the best. I also know that I won’t be settling for something that will not make my soul happy! I also know that everything is working out for me!

But how you might ask? Don’t you get tired of being single? Haahhahaha, well the answer is NO . Ofc Not, As I know that what’s meant for me is on its way, its already in my vortex. So why would I even worry or waste my precious time on something that I am sure is working out in my life or Is about to make its presence known very soon?!

Yes, I feel it, I know it, I sense it!

Ok so what do I do meanwhile? I work on myself, my goals and spend time with people and in places that make my soul grow, happy and peaceful!

I promise you that the feeling of being a whole  and not worrying nor looking for ‘the one’ is of the best feeling EVER!

In my opinion, it also acts as a ‘charismatic’ ingredient. You’ll notice that people are attracted to you, to your vibe and to your beautiful smile! It’s simply amazing how by focusing on being appreciative and happy will attract even more and more experiences alike into your life! ( I know, I know … its all law of attraction, but that’s the truth)

So, are you ready to focus on yourself rather than the lack of not having a romantic partner? Are you ready to claim your power and just be you, the real beautiful and unique you?

If yes, then what are you waiting for? Grab a paper, write down your goals and Start working on manifesting them, both in your vortex (feel it, understand why you want what you want and how amazing accomplishing that goal would make you feel and then focus on taking action and making your dreams a reality in your material world).

I hope this post gave you that oomph to your life to Push and Motivate you to take action towards making your dreams a reality!

With love,



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