How I got CLEAR Skin

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As many of us these days, I have been battling with acne for ages, to be more precise since I was about 13 – 14 years old and tried a huge variety of solutions to get Clear skin. However, only one has truly helped me get Acne free.

The controversial Roaccutane has cleared my skin. Yes, you read it right and No I haven’t had any drawbacks with this ‘miracle’ of mine. I must make it very clear that I am no doctor and neither am I advising anyone to take Roaccutane without consulting with a splecialised dermatologist.

So what and how did I use this medicine? Well, after trying it once more in the past and for some reason I had to stop it because my dermatologist at the time had said I needed to due to experiencing some health issues.

In 2015, on a summer day I decided it was the time to give a new dermatologist that my best friend recommended a try. So here I go, nervous for my appointment and for having the chance to get a clear skin after battling it for so long. At my first appointment, my dermatologist told me I need to start using Roaccutane and besides it I would need to keep a diet, no fried food, not too oily nor too fat, no fizzy drinks and no smoking. These were all the requirements that came with taking this ‘drug’ for successful results.

I explained my concerns with the dermatologist about all the fuss that is heard everywhere about it and that I wanted to do regular blood tests just to make sure I am healthy. So, I did that and after 2 years this September I can finally say that I am healthy and that the dermatologist was right, Roaccutane did not in fact affect my health in any negative way and I am acne free.

Again please take this as my own experience and if you are battling with acne then you will definitely know how happy it makes me to finally have a clear skin, don’t get me wrong, I still have acne marks and uneven skin but those will be easily taken care of with laser. The most difficult part, battling acne has passed:)

Have you been battling acne? What are your thoughts on Roaccutane and Clear skin?

Please take e deep breath before scrolling down to the images below, they might be a bit shocking.

After Roaccutane treatment.
Before Roaccutane treatment.
Before Roaccutane treatment


xoxo Humeyra xoxo


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