Dear Women, a letter to YOU!

This letter is to all the women out there that are or have been let down by men, be it husbands, fathers, boyfriends, any male figure in your lives. Beautiful souls, if you could see how magnificent divine beings you really are, you would never ever allow anyone dim that beautiful spark of yours!

You are everything! And by everything I mean, mother, sister, best friend, wife, daughter and worker all at the same time. You have this amazing feature in you, we all do, and that of caring, multi tasking and doing ‘shit’ right. You can do so many things at once and ace them all! You go girl!

So this letter is to you!

Dear women,

You are beautiful, courageous, smart, caring, loving, loveable, easy to understand, appreciative, understanding and SEXY! You are so much more than words can ever describe. Your daily contribution to the world is a Blessing in disguise!

That’s why beautiful women, don’t let anyone abuse you, make you feel not worthy of someone’s love or attention. Don’t fall into that trap that you need to stay in a relationship, situation, marriage that doesn’t make you feel Loved, Appreciated and Respected! 

PLEASE LEAVE if you are in an abusive situation be it emotionally or physically! Maybe you have been looking for a sign! THIS IS IT! You have the right to feel happy all the time not just when you fantasize. You can start all over again, it’s never too late! Yes, you do have that power and strength in you! I know you do!

Remember, God doesn’t want you to suffer and if you are in this kind of situation then know that you can change that by either Clearly Communicating your feelings, needs and wants and not accepting any less or if it’s not worth your time and you know that the situation will not change into something better then JUST LEAVE!

BEAUTIFUL SOUL, you have the damn right to be happy, very happy and feel accomplished and smart and worthy! I know I am sometimes repeating myself but I need you to understand how AMAZING you truly are! I want you to claim that power that you once had , consciously or unconsciously.

So please don’t shut up and accept all the bullshit in your life. Take action, change that and realize how beautiful, smart and what an asset you truly are to anyones life! 

I hope this letter is the sign you were looking for to claim your power and accept Happiness in your life! Its time to claim your beautiful, unique, dope soul!

With Love,



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