Natural Face Scrub for Glowing Skin

Lately my face has been acting up and my skin started becoming very dry. I have tried a few scrubs and detox masks on my face but nothing worked, my skin was still very dry and it felt as if I had drier patches on certain areas of my face but visually you couldn’t really tell.

This morning, I remembered by mums’ favorite natural scrubs and so next thing I did was run to the kitchen and get the cornflour and sugar out. Place one spoon of each ingredient on a plate and that should be more than enough for your face scrubs.

Cornflour helps get rid of dead skin and other impurities while the sugar helps hydrate the skin.

After you wash your face, take an appropriate amount of corn flour and  scrub it on your face, I like to massage it using my hands. Then by the use of a few wet cotton pads, I clean my face and wash away the remaining cornflour. After I do this, I let my face damp and massage my face with sugar. Sometimes I like to let the sugar stay on for a few minutes before I wash it off. The last step is to wash your face and put on your favorite moisturizer.


These simple, inexpensive and all natural ingredients used on the skin make your face look GLOWING and feel amazing. You should try it!

Do you have any other natural scrubs that you use?  I’d love to know:)

xoxoxo Humeyra




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