Let’s Talk – Coffee/Venting time

I came up with this idea for everyone that wants to vent, can do it in the comments section below as I feel we can all give advises from our own experiences to help each other.

Beauties, go grab a cup of coffee or tea and let’s talk:)

xoxo Humeyra


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  1. Private says:

    What can i say I am so stuck in life…no love in life and millions in debt all owed to families who no longer speak to me…

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    1. Humeyra says:

      I know the feeling of being stuck from all points of view. As I said in a previous reply, I was feeling stuck and in depression a few years ago too. Instead of affirming that you are stuck what if you start praying for divine help in your life? Try changing your perspective on life, you truly are the creator of your own life. I know it’s not easy to be like… no I haven’t attracted that or that’s not my fault but honestly we attract either good or bad experiences in our life. Try every morning or everyday to Listen to positive affirmations by Louise Hay, watch The Secret and Listen to Abraham Hicks to learn more on how to change your life. I can’t stress enough how a positive perspective, praying and positive affirmations can change your life. Start affirming and take control of your life now! This can be your year if you want it but inner works needs to be done first so you can experience a breakthrough in your material life:) Change your views on money, money is just an energy:) You have the ability to be abundant and happy! You just need to learn and do some inner work. Hope this helped. xoxo Humeyra


  2. Jinger says:

    Ok im so upset im stuck at this dead end job which my boss is always trying to find grounds to fire me and ive been on a bunch on interviews and i havent gotten an offer. I literally feel like im holding on to my sanity by a thread. Ive been in the worst depression and its affecting all of my other relationships. Im trying to be so positive i just dont know what to do.

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    1. Humeyra says:

      I know the feeling when you feel like everything just is not working right. I have dealt with depression as I couldn’t find my purpose a few years ago. What I can tell you from experience that has worked Miracles for me is to Pray and start doing some inner work. Because all these is leading you to be on your right path. I know at this moment you might not be able to believe it but trust me it will get better as you start working on yourself and start realizing how important, deserving and loving you are. Are you working in a field that does bring your soul joy? Maybe its time for you to reconsider your options. Try positive affirmations by Louise Hay and listen to Esther- Abraham hicks, you can find them on Youtube. This opened my eyes to creating and manifesting the life I want. I can’t promise you it will be easy but I surely van say it’s going to be worth it! Plus one trick that works is BLESSING your work, boss, home, yourself with Love. This will help change the energy and you will experience its magic work. I hope this was of help:) xoxo Humeyra


  3. Madison says:

    I am creating turbulence for myself. I am currently in a relationship, one that has pushed me to evaluate myself in ways I never have, and have embraced parts of nyself I didn’t even know. I know he is a soul mate, but I have begun to question if I want to be with him. I love him, dearly, but I also still love my ex. I have been trying to “clear” those emotions, but that doesn’t seem to work. The relationship I’m in now has definitely been wrapped up in ascension. So it has forced me to let go of a lot of old, negative energies. I am strugglingso hard to let go of this part of my past, I’m at a loss. I feel like I’m giving up?
    My boyfriend says love is an illusion. I don’t believe that, that’s not true is it?

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    1. Humeyra says:

      Dear, anyone that says Love is an illusion, in my opinion they haven’t experienced true Love. Love is such a divine thing that is worth waiting and fighting for as long as it is reciprocated and doesn’t hurt nobody. We are on this Earth to experience and feel love. As for your ex… does he still have feelings for you? One advise I can give you is to never give up on the idea that Love exists and you are worth feeling and sharing it with someone! I hope I could be of help and I am sure that you will end up taking the right decision. Pray and then see miracles occur! xoxo Humeyra


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