A Thursday Prayer Ritual


I have promised you that after a certain situation will be solved in my life I will share with you my Miraculous Prayer Ritual. This works best on Thursdays but you can try this any day.

If you are like me, you most probably believe in Miracles. Why? Because they exist and I have experienced them multiple times. I promise you that this Ritual is amazing! Of course, how your prayer is answered will defer from person to person, however, everyone that I know and have tried this, they are all amazed by the power of this ritual and Saint.

Firstly, there might be many versions of this out there but I will tell you what worked for me. It only took one day for my prayer to be answered with a great resolution to the challenge I was facing. So, yes it is tested by me and I’m always amazed by how fast my prayers are answered after doing this ritual.

What you will need:

3 green candles – if you don’t have green ones then just light any white candles

Parsley – it doesn’t matter how much parsley you have just try to find fresh ones

Honey – whatever type of honey you have is fine


  • Light the first candle in front of you then light the second one on the right and then the other one. It must be put in a triangle shape.
  • Put the parsley near the candles
  • Then add some honey on a plate and put it close to the parsley and candles.

Then start Praying to St. Pancras and wait for your prayers to be answered. This is such an easy ritual but such an effective ritual.

I wish that this Saint and ritual will be as helpful to you as it was to me!

With Love, 



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