Archangels are a powerful choir of angels who are dedicated to health and healing on a planetary level. ” Excerpt From: Kyle Gray. “How to See, Hear and Feel Your Angels.”.

Archangels are mentioned in Bible and Quran and I am sure that they may be mentioned in a number of other holy books that I personally not know about. I will be explaining in more detail about 15 Archangels in total, however, I will only mention 5 in this post.

Know that you can call on them anytime and even though you might consider yourself not being “religious’, this has nothing to do with religion but God, the Creator, Allah, whatever you name it. The point is that there is a higher power other than us that governs everything, which I might elaborate on this topic in another post.

♥ Archangels, what are they known for and when to ask for their help :

  • Michael- Crystal clear intentions, the protector,’The King of Angels”
  • Metatron- Prioritize
  • Gabriel- Creative writing
  • Azrael- Comfort
  • Jophiel- Outdoors

Archangel Michael protects us against anything that is not Love.  Such as criticism, negative self talk. He can lighten up our paths and see beyond fear, illusions or challenges surrounding a situation. He can also help you remove the cords to anything that doesn’t serve your greater good anymore.

“The cords are the connections that bind us to people, places or memories that are filled with fear. When we’re exposed to a situation that’s challenging or emotional, or someone with a draining personality comes into contact with us, a cord can hook onto us and bind us to that energy. The energy may not be harmful per se, but it can become a barrier to the peace, happiness and balance that we deserve.” Excerpt From: Kyle Gray. “ How to See, Hear and Feel Your Angels.”

♦ Some believe that whenever you sense an urge to replace a negative thought with a positive one, that urge may be a sign from Metatron. Metatron cares more about how people think because the universe’s records constantly shows him how people’s negative thoughts lead to unhealthy, destructive choices while people’s positive thoughts lead to healthy decisions, to happier lifestyles and to more peaceful outcomes/resolutions. 

Although Archangel Metatron is a high-level being, he is very accessible to us all because of his dedication to teaching the practical application of esoteric wisdom.

 Archangel Gabriel is known for fertility, children and to help you with creative writing or hearing God’s messages. He is also known as the angel of communication.You can call upon him to help you spread your message loud and clear. So, if you are a teacher, public speaker or an author and you need help, he is the angel that can be called.

Archangel Azrael is the “angel of death,” in the most beautiful and healing sense of the word. In Islam, it’s known that Azrael carries out God’s will for the souls of the deceased with profound reverence.

Archangel Azrael helps with all aspects of loss, death, and transitions. Call upon Azrael for healing and support. Loss can take many forms, and grief is the normal reaction to any kind of ending. Fortunately, Archangel Azrael is there to catch us whenever we fall.

♦ Archangel Jophiel, is known as the angel of beauty. Therefore, Jophiel is more of a feminine energy. Her main mission is to bring beauty in your life. This can be: helping you appreciate your blessings, approaching a more positive thinking. Feeling your heart with warm feelings of gratitude and joy.

   With Love,



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  1. Michelle. Brider says:

    I know that I am holding up the past but I am grateful and thankful for my angel and my peace and joy and happiness and love and success and I am ready to walk the walk to work on my own life health release the grieves with the deepest part of the past and present people who are being rude and holding me back to recovery and my heart and soul to be joined by my strengths and weaknesses but I want my own place now in my life and my thoughts exactly what I’m doing it right now I am on my way to get what I deserve. God bless you with all my heart and soul into yours place me and my heart beats for this I was just guidance from my Angel’s I will be l I will fall into a new beginning of my world

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